Rotor Chain Crusher

A RCC is a very flexible automatic dismantling and first delamination machine that liberates and cleans the major components from many input materials e. g. Auto-shredder fractions, shredder residuals, Electric and electronic scrap (WEEE), non-ferrous compounds/profiles, production scraps, coolers, radiators, mixed metal scrap etc. The weight of single input piece can be up to 30 kg and even more and with edge dimensions of 600 mm length.

The RCC accelerates the input material by hitting it with flexible rotating chains to certain speeds and different tracks inside the operating cylinder. The dismantling of compounds is executed by the materials colliding with each other or by collision onto rigid anvils inside. The grade of disinter-gration and the output size is determined by the different physical properties of the input material, the operating time, the quantity of chains in use, continuous or batch-mode and the position of the adjustable exit door of the RCC. De-dusting is applied directly to the cylinder as well as to the processed material immediately after leaving the RCC exit door.

The flexible chains as working tools of the RCC, release and maybe deform the different components of the input material but do not destroy these substantially. Consequently the RCC can be even used to dismantle components containing hazardous substances e.g. batteries, capacitors etc.

The RCC reacts insensitive to impurities e. g. big metallic pieces, stones etc.


The RCC avoids excessive heating and works therefore very energy efficient. The heavy-duty design and the screwed wear plates inside the cylinder of the RCC are unbeatable with respect to lifetime, wear and tear parts as well as low cost for operating tools.

Technical Data

The throughput depends on the purpose and setting of the RCC. We offer the RCC as a single machine with drive and base frame and without or with the necessary control system or as a complete system.



RCC 1200

RCC 2000









Power of drive

(kW) at 400 V




(kg) approx.



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