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Experience matters

Our company has its roots in the German mining industry. Since 1991, we have been applying experience gained in ore processing to recyclables recovery from a variety of material flows (COmmodity REcovery). UMS uses this experience to implement machines and entire plants for national and international customers, combining proven technology with state-of-the-art plant engineering. The result is highly flexible system solutions that help to efficiently and economically tap material cycles for the purpose of a circular economy.

UMS’s particular strengths lie in the extraction and separation of composites from various waste management and industry sectors. The differing properties of the input products require a sensible combination of technologies and the specific adaptation of processes. In this way, we ensure our customers the greatest possible added value from their recycling processes.

UMS provides composite materials extraction and separation as a service in its own technical centre. We regularly compare our own experiences with those of our customers, which helps us to continually develop our technology portfolio in a targeted manner, and to identify the focal points for our research. Our continuous improvement of familiar processes, and our development of new processes and aggregates, verifies our claim to be the leading supplier of Urban Mining Solutions.

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